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Administrative procedures in Mallorca

At Miramoll Asesoría we help you with your procedures.

We help you and manage your procedures before public administrations: thanks to our experience you can complete all kinds of procedures in a quicker and easier way.


We process your licenses

We take the necessary steps to get the license you need for your business.


We advise you in order to protect your retirement

At Miramoll Asesoría we want nothing to ruin your retirement and that is why we advise you and take the necessary action with the Social Security Administrations or private pension plans.


We manage your social benefits

At Miramoll Asesoría we deal with the processing of the social benefits which you and your workers are entitled to.


Get help thanks to Miramoll

We advise you and take the necessary action so that you can obtain social assistance at a national, regional or local level.

Buying and Selling

We advise you throughout the process of buying and selling a property.

At Miramoll Asesores we help you to manage the buying and selling procedures of your properties.

Other administrative procedures

Everything you could need and more

At Miramoll we like helping you: get in touch with us and if we can solve your problem, we will advise you personally!

Request your free quote!

Get in touch with us, explain what type labour advice you need and we will offer you a quote adapted to your needs.